Child Enticement – Enticing Child Under 16

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Hand on keyboardChild enticement is a crime that seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. It seeks to protect children from the risk of harm and danger that follows when a child is lured into place or location that is out of the way and under the control of potential predators.

Anyone who attempts to lure, induce, persuade, tempt, incite, coax or invite a child under the age of 16 into or out of car, home, dwelling, building or public place with the intention of committing any of the following offenses will be guilty of child enticement:

Child enticement charges are often brought when there is evidence of the defendant sending sexually explicit messages through social media like instagram or facebook messanger, email, craigslist, backpage as part of sting operation where police officer pose as an underage child.

Anyone found guilty of this offense faces the following punishments:

  • Imprisonment in the state prison up to 5 years, or
  • Imprisonment in a house up to 2.5 years, or
  • Fine of up to $5,000, or
  • Both imprisonment and fine

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