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Grand larceny is a serious charge, but larceny by stealing is a relatively minor crime and it is uncommon for these kinds of cases to go all the way to a judge or jury. However, any conviction of larceny by stealing is no small thing; not only does it expose you to jail time and fines, but it also leaves a mark on your permanent record that could make it difficult later on to find a job or obtain a loan, or could even hurt your chances of qualifying for a scholarship or rental housing.

If you’ve been accused of any type of theft crime, including grand larceny or petit larceny, our Brockton, MA criminal defense attorneys may be able to have the charges dismissed outright, or, in many cases, plead down the felony or misdemeanor to something less serious.

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If you have been charged with buying or receiving stolen goods, stealing a car, pawning stolen items, or any other larceny theft crime in Massachusetts, the criminal defense lawyers of The Noonan Defense Firm may be able to plead down your case with the district attorney, or have the charges dismissed pending a period of probation. Restitution of the value of the property will also go a long way toward having a larceny conviction erased from your record, or not having it entered there in the first place.

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