Jury to begin deliberations in Brockton shooting trial

(1993) BROCKTON – Jury deliberations were scheduled to begin today in Brockton Superior Court in the trial of three men accused of shooting a city man outside a Cour Street market two years ago.

On trial are Dieudel Charles 20, of Dorchester, Monsalvey Charles Charles, 23, and Frantzy E. Therilus Jr., 24, both of Brockton.

They are being tried under the theory of joint venture, meaning that they all knowingly participated in alleged attempted robbery and shooting of the 23-year-old Jean Jusme on May 7, 1993.

Charging drug dealers with OD deaths difficult, not impossible

WAREHAM – Last week, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz’s office announced they had charged an alleged drug dealer in the heroin overdose death of a 25-year-old Wareham woman.

It was the first time that prosecutors in Plymouth County have aimed to hold such a person accountable for the overdose death of one of his customers.

Because of the difficulty of tying the heroin that killed an overdose victim to the dealer who sold the fatal drug, the charge is rare in such a case.

And it’s not the only obstacle prosecutors face.

East Bridgewater man found not guilty in Bridgewater rape case

BROCKTON – An East Bridgewater man was acquitted of rape charges by a jury in Brockton Superior Court earlier this week.

Bryan Souza, 26, was found not guilty on Wednesday of rape and indecent assault and battery.

In January 2011, a woman Souza was dating alleged that he raped her while inside his Bridgewater apartment, Souza’s attorney Patrick Noonan said.

Noonan and his father, attorney Gerald Noonan, argued that the two had consensual sex.

Jury deliberations begin in Brockton murder case

BROCKTON – A jury was unable to come to a verdict Wednesday in a Brockton murder trial where a man is accused of killing a witness in 2010 who was going to testify in another murder trial.

Joao Fernandes is facing murder and several gun charges after police said he and Michael Goncalves killed Manuel Rodrigues the day before he was set to testify in the murder trial of a Brockton man.The case in being tried in Brockton Superior Court.

State trooper accused in double fatal crash allowed Maine vacation with family

BROCKTON – The state trooper accused of killing a mother and daughter in a 2013 car crash has yet to spend a day in jail, or pay any bail in the case. On Monday, a judge granted suspended trooper John Basler permission to go on vacation with his family next month in Maine, a move which angered the family of the victims.

Basler faces motor vehicle homicide and drunken driving charges after an early morning crash in Plymouth last year that killed Susan Macchi, 64, and her daughter, Juliette Macchi, 22. The two were on their way home from a Red Sox game on Sept. 22.

Plymouth man charged with falsely representing college

BROCKTON – A Plymouth man is facing charges he has been running a scam on local businesses.

Brockton police say Robert McKinnon, 40, of Plymouth has been approaching local businesses like repair shops and specialty stores claiming to be selling advertising space for Massasoit Community College.

“He doesn’t have the consent or the authority to represent Massasoit,” said Detective Santiago Cirino.

Cirino said McKinnon is not affiliated with the college in any way, and Massasoit only found out about the issue after being contacted by victims of the alleged scam.

Medical Marijuana Laws Passed in Massachusetts

In November 2012, Massachusetts voters made the state the seventeenth to legalize medical marijuana for patients with cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, AIDS, and other conditions determined by a doctor. However, many communities are concerned about medical dispensaries, or, “pot shops,” conducting business within their city limits, and are working to change local zoning regulations banning or restricting marijuana dispensaries within their towns. The law does not legalize “pot” smoking, but eliminates civil and criminal penalties for the use of marijuana by patients when the drug has been prescribed by a doctor.