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About Clerk’s Hearings (“Show Cause” Hearings)

Criminal Defense StrategiesWhen you are arrested for a misdemeanor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, your case is likely to be handled in a clerk’s hearing. If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor criminal charge, it is likely that you will receive a notice in the mail to appear at a clerk’s hearing, otherwise known as a “show cause” hearing. Most people do not realize that they may still be called to attend a clerk’s hearing even if they have not yet been arrested or arraigned for a criminal offense.

Some common criminal offenses for which you may receive a notice to appear at a clerk’s hearing include the following:

  • Drug Possession
  • Traffic Tickets or Moving Violations
  • Misdemeanor Violent Crimes
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Disorderly Conduct

Should I hire an attorney to represent me at a Clerk’s Hearing?

The clerk’s hearing is one of the most critical steps in the criminal defense process. A clerk’s hearing will involve a review of the factors, circumstances and evidence being used against the accused. At the clerk’s hearing a determination will be made as to whether or not there is enough evidence to press charges against the accused. The court will make a final decision during this hearing about whether to proceed with a criminal case against the defendant or to dismiss the charges due to lack of evidence.

An experienced Massachusetts Criminal Attorney will tell you that this hearing is one of the best opportunities you will have to get your case dismissed or thrown out. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys represent individuals at these hearing in order to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and protect our clients from further criminal prosecution. If you have been called to a clerk’s hearing, do not delay in speaking to a criminal attorney with experience representing defendants at misdemeanor clerk’s hearings.

Should the court allow the prosecution to charge you with a misdemeanor crime, you will be facing a potential criminal conviction, which brings penalties including community service, a criminal record, a jail sentence, probation and/or a suspended driver’s license.

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