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Free Initial Consultation to Discuss Your Case • Call (508) 584-6955 Criminal Defense Representation The Noonan Defense Firm rigorously defends clients charged with any criminal charge so no matter where you are located in Southeast Massachusetts, expert legal help is just a phone call away. To schedule a free, no-obligation case review and consultation with an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer call our law offices at (508) 584-6955. When you make the call, rest assured you have taken your first step to find out how best to confront the charges you are facing. You can also use our Free Case Evaluation Form to submit information about your case in confidence, or to request that we contact you. All Case Results Client Reviews In The News April 22, 2019 Commonwealth v. K.G. Brockton District Court DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES AGAINST UBER DRIVER DISMISSED AT TRIAL Defendant, an Uber driver from Brockton, was charged in the Brockton District Court with Assault and Battery (G.L. c. 265, §13A) and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (G.L. c. 265, §15A). Defendant’s girlfriend called 911. In the 911 call, you can hear a female screaming “Stop!” “Leave me alone!” There is another party in the background of the call who she accuses of attacking her. During the 18-minute 911 call, you can hear the female yelling and arguing with the other party. She whispers to the 911 operator, “Hurry.” Police are sent to the Defendant’s apartment. The police found a female party hiding in the bedroom. She identified herself as the 911 caller. She tells police that the Defendant was intoxicated and angry with her. She states that the Defendant grabbed her arm and started throwing anything he could find at her. She was struck a piece of furniture. Defendant told police that they simply had a verbal argument. Police arrested the Defendant. Result: At the first trial date, the alleged victim did not appear in court. The prosecutor sought to prove the case without the alleged victim’s testimony. In particular, the prosecutor sought to introduce the 911 call into evidence and to call the police officers who investigated the case. The trial was continued due to court congestion. On the second trial date, the alleged victim did not appear. The prosecutor asked Attorney Noonan if he would accept a plea deal, which involved his client admitting to the charges but Attorney Noonan rejected the
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Stalking in Violation of Court Order, Restraining Order, 209A

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 43(b) is an aggravated form of stalking with a minimum mandatory sentence of not less than one year in a house of corrections if the stalking is committed in violation of a temporary or permanent restraining or no-contact order issued under Chapter 208, 209, 209A and 209C, or a protection order issued by another state or jurisdiction or a temporary restraining or preliminary or permanent injunction issued by a the Superior Court.

Outstanding Warrants, Arrest Warrant, Open Bench Warrant

Police usually do not search for people with outstanding bench warrants but they will arrest you if you have an encounter with police and they run your name in the database and see you have an in-state warrant or an out-of-state warrant. A simple traffic stop for a minor moving vehicle violation like speeding or failing to stop at a red light could lead to your arrest and transportation back the Massachusetts court that issued the warrant.

OUI Under 21 years Old – Underage Drunk Driving – Possession of an Open Container

Massachusetts has several strict laws that pertain to youths and alcohol related offenses especially when operating a motor vehicle is involved. The registry of motor vehicles (RMV) also takes alcohol related offenses involving minors very seriously. The RMV provides enhanced penalties for drivers under the age of 21 that are convicted of operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession of open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle or refusing the breath test.

Massachusetts OUI Roadblocks – DUI Checkpoint – Drunk Driving Checkpoint

The OUI checkpoints must be adorned with road flares, signs and police vehicle flashing lights that are adequate to notify drivers that there is roadblock ahead. As drivers approach the entrance of the DUI roadblock they will be met by a uniformed officer that will direct the driver to pull their vehicle into a designated area where they will have a brief encounter with another officer for approximately one minute.