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Assault and Battery:  Two Different Felony Crimes

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Although battery and assault are technically two distinct types of felonies, most people are charged with the both assault and battery.  In more severe cases, a person may be charged with aggravated assault.

There are two different variants of assault and battery:

  • Intentional Assault and Battery, and
  • Reckless or Willful Assault and Battery.

There are also two types of assault and battery charges that involve offensive (sexual) touching:

Intentional Assault and Battery

Intentional assault and battery refers to when a person intentionally (on purpose), and without justification, touches another person in a harmful or offensive way.  A harmful touch is one that is meant to inflict pain or injury, while an offensive touch is often sexual in nature, or injurious to a person’s dignity.

Offensive touches may result in charges of Indecent Assault and Battery of a Person Over 14, or Indecent Assault and Battery of a Child Under Age 14.

The important thing to realize is that you don’t have to actually inflict, or have intended to inflict, severe bodily damage to be charged with intentional assault and battery; even a slight touch, or one you consider entirely inoffensive, may be enough to land you in trouble.

Reckless or Willful Assault and Battery

The other type of assault and battery is reckless or willful assault and battery, which is the variant most people are familiar with. This is the charge leveled at suspects who intentionally inflict an injury, in a manner in which any reasonable person knows that such an injury might result. For example, if you throw a chair at someone in a bar, that would count as reckless assault and battery, while if you accidentally injure someone while slamming a door that might only be charged as intentional assault and battery.

Criminal Penalties for Assault and Battery

Assault and battery, whether intentional or reckless, is a serious charge, which can have serious long-term consequences if you’re convicted. The maximum prison term for assault and battery is 30 months, and you can also incur a $1,000 fine. The attorneys at The Noonan Defense Firm will work with the district attorney to secure the best outcome for your assault and battery charge; in some cases lacking crucial evidence they may succeed in having the charges dismissed altogether.

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